Who I Am

I’m a cognitive science researcher and visiting research fellow at the University of Sussex, with a primary interest in neuroscience and machine learning. I’m all about building tools for practical purposes, not so much about knowledge for its own sake.

Building on my PhD on closed-loop brain stimulation, at present my focus is on building better diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat neuropathologies.

Aside from this, I enjoy researching large-scale complex systems – physical, chemical, biological or social, as I see them as fundamentally interconnected.

My most recent works include:

  • A portable system for noninvasive neuromodulation using neurofeedback-informed photic stimulation with a custom EEG headset via LSL.
  • A Matlab toolbox for the pre-processing and in-depth analysis of large-scale electroencephalography (EEG) data (time-frequency, functional connectivity, etc.) for measures of attention, emotional valence, cognitive load, and approach/avoidance tendencies.
  • Web implicit cognition tests for consumer research in JavaScript.
  • Hierarchical support-vector machine classifiers to recognise mental commands via a real-time EEG signal in Matlab.
  • P300 and SSVEP selectors in Python to allow for EEG data to serve as software input without extensive prior training of either algorithm or user.
  • A Python program that takes camera input (webcam / external camera) to estimate the heart rate of the user.
  • A Matlab program for EEG neurofeedback to train measures of calm and focus using LSL.
  • Large-scale Python-based data analysis of financial markets for computational investing.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about what I’m working on now.